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The team was trying to figure out what a particular smell was coming from and Mike say's it's coming from the baby's room diaper pail.  Jay then say's "OH", but before he say's it, another voice says it first.

"They're back!"

A team member walks into the room from outside.  A child's voice is heard midway through the clip saying "They're back!".


A team member says "I'm speaking on behalf of the homeowners - they want you to leave", then a Spanish speaking female says "Como?" (Spanish for Why?)

"What are you doing"

A team member is sitting on the stairs trying to get the spirits to move on.  The resident's don't want them there, so an attempt was made to ask them to cross over.  We caught the voice of what appears to be an older Hispanic woman who say's "What are you doing?"  This won't be the last time we hear from her.

"Aren't I gross"

We are still in the middle room of this home trying to make contact with whomever is residing there when we caught this voice that say's "Aren't I gross".  Not sure what he's referring to as it didn't make sense with anything we were discussing.

"Must go...Tonight...Leave em alone"

While in the middle room where most of the reported activity occurs in this home, we catch this multi-EVP clip.  During the same time, we catch a hot spot on our thermal camera on the seat of a wheelchair that was in this room.

"That a where the woman sleeps"

This clip was caught in conjunction with the one above.  Not sure whom this older Hispanic man was referring to or where exactly this  slumber area was as the only two bedrooms downstairs and in that area belonged to an infant and a male roommate.  This middle room was what appeared to be an unused dining room.  Perhaps he is referring to the older Hispanic woman we caught in that room.

"Hug Him"

This clip and the next two were taken during the set-up.  We were in the living room near the front door passing out equipment and getting batteries and recorders.

"Get Out"

There was some debate on this clip.  It sounds like an elderly woman, but you never know.  There are 3 layers of voices talking over this section of clip which can hamper the hearing process.  Two investigators analyzed this clip and both agreed that it most likely was saying "Get Out".  Let us know what you think...

"Gloria Campos"

This is an exciting clip.  It offers us what appears to be a first and last name.  "Gloria" is mentioned with a male sounding voice with the "Campos" immediately following with what sounds like a young female.  Our Researchers are investigating this name to see if they can find a connection to the location.

"What was that?"

Mike is in the middle of the set-up.  He is pulling the duct tape and tearing pieces off to tape down the camera lines.

"We're watching you"

Mike is setting up before the investigation starts.  He is getting the equipment out.

Strange Popping Sounds

Mike is still setting up equipment when these strange popping sounds are heard.  They appear to be very similar to the ones caught at the Trabuco Canyon case on the right of this page.


When I say.. "I thought I saw someone sitting in the chair", there is this voice that says "OK".  I was walking into the living room and found the family sitting in there.

Laugh - "I don't care"

This is towards the end of the night.  No one is in the room and you can hear us in the background. 

"Hi dog"

I am outside checking out an area where an apparition was seen.  Prior family members had carved their names into the cement.  When I was coming back into the house, this voice was caught.  The residents had a dog chained in the back yard.

"I don't want to play with him...Hi dog"

Kristine was outside alone during this clip.  She had noticed the dog outside that was chained up.  The dog was crying for attention so she went to him and pet him.  Afterward, she read the names that were engraved into the cement, then went back inside the home.  You hear her say she's going back inside - that is when this clip is caught.  The "Hi dog" is the same that is caught on my recorder later when I'm outside.  See clip above labeled "Hi dog".


Again, at the end of the night we were talking in the other room when this moan was heard coming from the baby's room on my recorder.

"Who is that?  Who is that?  We're sad"

After we met with the resident and started to look around this small 1 bedroom apartment, we caught these voices.  There are 3 of them, one is hard to hear without headphones.  It sounds like a female who says "Who is that?" then an elderly man's voice is heard saying the same thing.  Then a female is heard saying "We're sad"

"Get out"

Carol and Kristine are in the master bedroom when this voice is caught saying "Get out"

"Go now"

Carol is talking to the client and explaining to her what we were going to do when this voice says "Go now"

"Go sneak in"

We had just arrived and are discussing who was going to do what in the investigation when this voice is caught saying "Go sneak in"

"Look at you"

Mike F. is sitting in the recliner that the client says is where she's witness some activity in her home - also getting the sensation that something touches her.  Mike caught this EVP saying "Look at you"

"My baby sister"

Mike R. is setting a camera in the living room and bumps into another team member saying "Pardon me".. then this voice is picked up saying "My baby sister".. unknown who this is.

"Oh my God"

Mike F. is walking around in the living room when he caught this voice saying "Oh my God"


Carol and Kristine are in the master bedroom and are commenting on the voices they hear coming from outside when this voice is caught saying "Yea".


Mike Franz and Mike Rich were outside carrying a large rolling equipment trunk down some stairs.  You hear Mike F. say... "OK.. roll away.." when he gets to the bottom of the stairs.  You hear a voice say "Yo" right before Mike F. speaks.

"Y'all coming to work  - Who are you?" 

We arrived to the location and are outside the truck getting our things together to bring into the home when this voice is picked up.  It is two voices, the first a man asks if we are here to work, then another voice who sounds like an older man is heard right after asks who we are.

"F-- It's cold" 

We are at the front door and coming in when we comment on how cold it is.. During this conversation a voice is heard saying "F-- it's cold"

"Go... Here to talk"

This voice is heard during an EVP session.  It says "Go" first, then "Here to talk".


Mike is finishing an EVP session and asks if anyone has anything else to say.  The response was "No".

"Ghost....Get out"

A couple of the team members are talking about ghosts when this voice is picked up during their conversation.  At the end of the clip you hear a voice say "Get out".

"He's here... In the house"

We are setting up and you hear a voice say "He's here... in the house".  Steve was setting up cable at the time.

"Go over there and call Simone"

While investigating, we caught this voice.


While investigating we caught this voice also.

"Strange breath"

While Steve is talking, this strange breath is caught, which almost sounds like hyperventilating.


While Steve is investigating, he asks if someone can knock on the wall.  This male voice is heard saying "No".

"Ahhh... Shut her up" 

At the end of the night, we are outside talking about the investigation when obviously my talking irritated someone.


"Please stop, Make it stop"

We are sitting in the formal living room and getting EMF readings on our K2's.  They appear to respond to our questions and this EVP and sigh is heard during this event.

"Ah che"

This EVP is caught a couple minutes after the one above also during a communication session with our K2's.  Che means "Who cares" in Spanish.

"Boys, No musica...Busted"

We were all in the other room when this occurred.  No one was near this recorder at the time we got this clip.  Musica is Spanish for music. 


Our team member was talking to the owner of the home at the time this was picked up - a Spanish name of Miguel.  It is unknown who Miguel is.

Loud Gasp

No one around the recorder when this is picked up.  


Caught this on the recorder also.  Not sure what it means.

Physical Activity
Our Equipment Case

We were sitting in the living room trying to get a sound from a spirit.  I ask it to come to the coffee table, then we get this loud clanking sound.  Couldn't figure out what it was at the time until later that evening when we were packing up.  One of our cases had keys attached to it that were taped to the case.  Something ripped the tape off exposing the keys.  We mimicked this action and it sounds just like this clip.  It appears whatever or whoever was there decided to free the keys for us by ripping away the tape that held them in place.  This caused the sound as they hit the metal handle of the case when it happened.

Strange Sounds

The following clips caught unusual sounds that were not heard by us.  Two of the clips have a scratching sound and one has a popping sound.  It is unknown how these were made or where they came from.

"Get F'd"

We just arrived at this townhouse and are discussing the fact that it's too small an area upstairs for us all to be up there.  During this conversation we caught this voice that didn't sound very nice.  It appears to be saying "Get Fu--ed"  There is another voice just before this that sounds like it's saying "What chair is it?", but we couldn't be sure as it's just not clear enough.  You will her something a second or so before the other.

"Sitting Down"

Cyndee and I are in the master bedroom and getting ready to sit on the bed. We say, "Sitting down", but just before Cyndee say's it a voice is caught saying it first.  You then hear me say I'm sitting on the bed also.

"It's stuck to her"

Cyndee and I are still in the master bedroom and she notices the battery on her recorder is getting low.  She also suspects her recorder is on voice activation.  I go to her and we take her arm band off that's holding the recorder when this voice is caught saying "It's stuck to her".  I can only assume it was commenting on her recorder in the arm band.


Still in the master bedroom, we are sitting on the bed and asking questions when this whistling is heard in the background.  Cyndee and I are the only two people upstairs,  Everyone else was downstairs at the time.  And no one was whistling!

"I'm Warren"

There was some debate on this clip, but in the end, it appears we are all in agreement.  Listen to this and give us your opinion, but it sounds like it's saying "I'm Warren".  This was also caught in the master bedroom while Cyndee and I are asking questions.

"Most of you can"

The girls went downstairs and at this time the boy's are upstairs.  Mike and Steve are in the master bedroom sitting on the floor in front of the bed.  I come upstairs to get a camera Mike had with him and you hear me knock on the door.  Right after I say "It's Carol", this voice is heard.  The full clip says "Most of you can...Not true!..I'm old", but most of the clip is covered and hard to hear without good earphones.  The "Most of you can" is pretty clear.


The owner of this townhouse had a friend/roommate who tragically died of a sudden heart attack in the home.  His name was Terry.  We tried to see if we could get Terry to communicate with us - assuming he was there.  We did catch this voice say "Terry" - Under it and faint is another voice that is heard saying "Whadya want".  This is the full clip.  The "Terry" is right in the middle of sentence so I clipped out just the "Terry" and it's below.  It's only a second so it's fast, but you can hear the name pretty clearly.  What's interesting about this is this area was the most active area of the home and you will hear in this clip the smoke alarm start to activate.  For an unknown reason, the battery was low which causes them to beep.  Steve is looking at it and has it in his hand as we are trying to see why it's activating.  We were asking for it to beep twice and it only did it once, that is why Steve say's "wrong number".

"Terry" Short clip

"Do it!... Lisa... There's no way...you're not going into the light!"

This is a very exciting clip.  It's the middle of the investigation and Mike is on the outside back patio.  During the evening we had been discussing that the spirits needed to go into the light.  This clip appears to be acknowledging the fact that there is in fact a light to go into.  This is exciting evidence that suggests what we've suspected all along -  that there is in fact a light!  The male spirit appears to reject the idea that Lisa go into it and appears he may be preventing her from doing so.  A voice heard before this seems to be encouraging her to go by saying "Do it!"


During the walk-thru, we caught this voice while in the hallway outside the bedrooms.  The client had indicated that she would sometimes hear a voice say "Hey" or "Hey you".  This may be evidence of that.

"Hows it feel?"

We are in the clients bedroom and she is trying to find some video clips she caught EVP's on to show us.  We caught this voice while we were discussing that we often get "get out" EVP's and that they were probably our most common EVP evidence.

"It's me"

We are sitting in the living room with the client and she indicates that she feels very cold.  One of our investigators notices the cold spot also.  While the client is mentioning how cold she's feeling we caught this voice say "It's me".  Evidence that the temperature can be manipulated by a spirit.

"Puss... Que"

We are in the client's bedroom and she has a string of Christmas type light strung along her window and mentions to let her know when we want them turned off.  During this time, we caught a conversation occurring by voices not made by the client or the male and female investigator in the room with her.  The clip you're hearing here is the 2nd half of the conversation.  The first part said "Pendejo" (Spanish curse word) then some inaudible statements.  We didn't include it because it couldn't be made out clearly without good earphones and even then some of it is unclear.  It appears that there may have been an argument between spirits as the "Puss" appears to be meant in a derogatory manner and "Que" is Spanish means who or what.

"Get out"

We are in the living room and the client is telling us about their bird that is there.  This voice is picked up during this discussion.

Child screaming "NO..I didn't"

We are talking to the clients during the walk-thru and she is showing us a photo of a bite mark she got on her arm.  This audio clip appears to be of a child responding to what we're talking about, screaming "NO" over and over again then saying "I didn't".

"Gone forever"

We are still in the walk-thru with the clients when they are explaining how pot and pan were mysteriously found missing from their cupboards.  They believe they were taken by the spirits in the home.  While we are discussing this, a voice is picked up saying "Gone forever", as if referring to the missing pots and pans.


We are speaking with the clients towards the end of the walk-thru when this voice is heard saying "Out".

"Can I have a kiss?"

This voice was caught while we were finishing up our walk-thru with the clients.  A male is heard asking if he can have a kiss.


Kristine is doing an EVP session and just before asking for it to knock something down, a voice is heard saying "Here".

"It's on his shoe"

During the investigation, we killed a mosquito that was flying in the room.  While getting a tissue to pick it up from the floor, Jay, our investigator accidentally stepped on it getting it in his shoe.  We discover this and when we do, a voice is heard saying "It's on his shoe".

"I'll catch it"

It is the end of the night and we are packing up our equipment.  Kristine accidentally drops an EMF meter and and says "I'm dropping all your stuff".  While she is picking it up, a voice is heard saying "I'll catch it".

"Watch what I do"

It is the end of the night and we are packed up outside by the car when this voice is heard.  Not sure what it was that it did though.

  The Pierpont Inn

"Don't care"

In this clip, we are trying to get the spirit to call out our name.  You hear a team member ask "Do you know my name?"  At :14 seconds you hear a childs voice say "Don't care".

"I will take a photo of it"

Two investigators were commenting on a chair in this lunch room.  One team member was getting ready to take a photo of it when this voice is heard.

"It is?"

One of our teams were in a hallway when they heard 4 taps on a wall next to them.  They were commenting on it when this elderly woman's voice is heard.

"I like"

While in the lunch room, a team member comments on how they love the old chair in there.  This mechanical sounding voice is heard saying "I like".


Again in the lunch room, a team member is commenting on the birthday decordations in the room by wishing them a Happy Birthday, when this humming sound is heard covering what she's saying.  At the same time another team member is getting EMF spikes.


The team was getting high EMF spikes and were looking for a K2 meter when this voice is heard.            

"Let him sit"

Mike was standing in a dark hallway noticing an EMF spike.  He checks the area and notes that it's "On the move".  As he sits on the ground, this voice is heard saying "Let him sit".

While investigating in the Anacapa room, we caught some interesting activity.  The staff indicated they felt there was a spirit of a man who remained there who appeared to be unhappy.  It was reported that he would yell out the name of the person who walked into the room.  We tried to make contact with this male and got a lot of activity in this room.  We got K-2 spikes, EVP's, temperature fluctuations and cold spots.  This video is important as the video below shows an experiment with a pen.  The activity that occurs with the pen could remain debatable without the above video showing paranormal activity.  The activity above occurred just minutes before the pen experiment in the video below.  (The video's had to be clipped into two parts because of their size)

The above video shows a pen experiment that was done in the Anacapa room (banquet room).  We set up this pen experiment to see if we could get whoever was in that room to knock the pen to the floor.  It was believed that our experiment was a failure as the pen never fell, however upon investigative review, we noticed the pen rocking on the glass (watch the clip of the pen, the light reflection on it makes it easy to see when it moves.)  No one was touching the table and there wasn't any other outside influence that would cause this.  We returned to this location twice since then, each time recreating the experiment exactly as before.  Each time we caught nothing.  No EVP's, no K-2 spikes, no temperature fluctuation, not a single movement of the pen, nothing.  Any one of these events by itself may not indicate much, however when you combine them all together, it's hard to dismiss this as anything other than paranormal activity.


The two following clips were taken when we were leaving.


This clip was taken as I was saying goodbye to the night auditor.   Mike and I were getting in the car - you hear me ask Mike if he want's to drive.   That's when we get the "Hi". 


This voice was caught while in the car driving away from the Inn.  You hear me  give the time 3:46 (AM) so I can time stamp my recorder, which I am turning off.  I jokingly (sort of anyway) say that if anyone is in the car with us to leave.. We were going to stay the night on our boat at the marina instead of going home since it was closer.  You hear a loud "Hey" as we are talking in the car with the radio on.  Always leave your recorders on.  We get some of our best evidence when we aren't even trying.  Hope he or she liked the marina!

Childs Laugh

We were investigating a room that a known child spirit frequents.  We had caught EVP's of children before in this room.  We set up a video (Wall-e) for them to watch.  Mike and Robin where watching it and laughing at a particular scene when this childs laugh is also caught.

"Must Leave"

We were setting up our equipment and only 39 minutes into our audio when this voice is caught.

"I put the spoon there"

This recorder was sitting on the top of the stairs outside the office door.  A child is singing "I put the spoon there".  Don't know what spoon he is referring to, but it is a restaurant with lot's of spoons and apparently he put one somewhere ; )

Amargosa Opera House and Hotel, home of the Borax Miners in the early 20's.  Click the photo above for more info.  This is the location of our group's 2009 Halloween investigation.

Creapy Breathing

We had a tour of the property later our first evening  by the manager.  He took us to the opera house and all other areas around the property.  While we were gathered in the front of the hotel and he had just started talking, we caught this heavy breathing on the recorder

"Go Away"

While in one of the bungalow homes called the "Mormon Home" we caught this EVP saying "Go away".  We were in the living room and I was commenting on how nice the recessed cabinetry was.

Piano Key

Another Piano Key

For the two clips above, we were in the opera house and the manager was giving us some history on Marta and the opera house when the piano that was completely covered with the key cover closed played a single note.  One minute later it played the same note again.  When the manager was done speaking, we took the cover off the piano and verified the cover over the keys was down.  We opened the top of the piano and found nothing unusual.  Had this been a rodent or another creature, it would not have been able to only sound one note.  Apparently this was not an unusual occurrence

"We cast them"

While sitting in the opera house seats, I picked up this voice speaking into my recorder that was sitting on the armrest by itself.  No one was sitting next to me at the time.

"We've got the honeymoon couple"

While we were there over Halloween weekend, there was a wedding going on there also, so the hotel consisted of the entire wedding party and our paranormal group - that's it.  As Mike and I were going into our hotel room, I made a comment to Mike that the honeymoon couple was across from us.  However, just before I say it, it is said by an unknown voice first.

"Absolutely crazy"

While Mike and Carol are in the miners shower room, Carol was taking photos and Mike was checking the room with his EMF meter and asking questions when this voice is caught.

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